An interview with Won Moon

Admin Dental Press

Edition V18N03 | Year 2013 | Editorial Interview | Pages 12 to 28

André Wilson Machado

All in life have a positive side. In 2010, I was studying for my Doctorate in Orthodontics in UNESP-Araquara, Brazil, when for some personal reasons I had to drop my academic activities and return to Salvador city for a while. Luckily or by divine providence I received a great gift: The opportunity to meet Dr. Won Moon while he was visiting Brazil to present a lecture in the specialization course in Orthodontics at the Federal University of Bahia. It was admiration and friendship at first sight. A second opportunity to enjoy the contact with Won occurred in 2011, when I was taking part of my sandwich PhD at UCLA. Perceiving his qualities more closely became a motivation for new learnings. Won is a role model teacher and this is exemplified by the many tributes received by his students. His clinical aptitude is striking! In various challenging circumstances I have heard from his residents the following: “Cases like that only Dr. Moon handles…”. There is no need for long descriptions concerning the excellence of his career as an international lecturer. After he has visited the most important centers of Orthodontics worldwide you all will be able to appreciate this aptitude by your own! I did not take so long to notice that his qualities go beyond the professional sphere. Despite being blessed for having a very special family, he still manages his time for practicing radical sports such as climbing and mountaineering. Always accompanied by his wife Miran and his daughter Crystal, there is no lack of stories of trips around the world. It is clear the complicity of a marriage that began in their adolescence! Given the proper introduction of our distinguished interviewee, I also give my cordial thanks to the friends Sergei Rabelo, Richard Kulbersh, Greg Huang and Barry Briss, for accepting the invitation to actively participate of this interview. I also thank to Dental Press for the granted honor to conduct this experience. I wish all the readers a moment as pleasant and rich as the scientific path that led us to this interview.[…]

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