Paulo José d?Albuquerque Medeiros

Admin Dental Press

Edition V17N05 | Year 2012 | Editorial Interview | Pages 8 to 23

Antenor Araújo , Arno Locks , Carlos Elias Ferreira De Freitas , Carlos Estevanell Tavares , Marco Antonio Almeida , Weber Ursi

Prof. Paulo José d?Albuquerque Medeiros was born to Paulo Pinho de Medeiros and Conceição Rosário d?Albuquerque Medeiros in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on March 7, 1957. He has been married for 31 years to Patricia Leo Medeiros and they have two children: Alessandra Leão Medeiros Parente, 30, a law judge, and Leo Bruno Medeiros, 28, economist. He is fond of music and the movies, and is a fine singer. He has developed a refined taste for good wines, his favorite being Chateau Palmer. He is currently reading a pocket book titled ?1001 wines to drink before you die?. His most daunting challenge in life: ?Keeping up the motivation to teach, which is my true calling?

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