An interview with Anibal M. Silveira Jr

Admin Dental Press

Edition V15N04 | Year 2010 | Editorial Interview | Pages 24 to 34

José A. Bósio

Anibal Silveira has been an inspiration for an entire generation of American and Brazilian orthodontists. He is a genuine Brazilian who has won a position of professional respect as an orthodontic educator in the United States. It would be redundant to mention his many achievements in education in orthodontics, however, with all his experience and knowledge, humbleness in the face of these achievements, is his main personal trait. He is an excellent leader and motivator for his students, as well as a tireless researcher in the areas of growth and development, temporary anchorage devices, computed tomography, cone beam 3D and new teaching techniques in orthodontics. Dr. Silveira is the perfect example of how work dignifies a man. Dr. Silveira has been married for 35 years to Cheryl Markle Silveira and has two sons; Bryan M. Silveira (27 years old) and Derek M. Silveira (23 years old). Dr. Silveira travels to Brazil as often as he can to visit his parents Anibal Mota da Silveira and Maria Teresinha Couto da Silveira, and his two brothers and three sisters who still living in Natal, Brazil. Readers, in the following pages, will have the opportunity to know a little more about one of the giants of orthodontics in North America, and why not to say, of the world.

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