New guidelines for systematic reviews and farewell to interviews

Admin Dental Press

Edition V24N04 | Year 2019 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 7 to 8

Flavia Artese, Carlos Flores-Mir

“The job of an Editor-in-Chief of a scientific journal is not restricted to facilitate the workflow of manuscript submission, assess reviewer’s suggestions and make final approval/rejection decisions. In addition to this, there is also a large amount of managing tasks, some of them dedicated to improve the positioning of the journal in the rank of publications of its specialty which involves bibliometric indexes. For the regular reader, this does not seem to make much difference, being nothing more than a series of bibliometric jargon. On the other hand, for the academic community, it is extremely important, since publishing in a higher impact journal is associated to a greater chance of visibility and prestige for a paper. In addition, some academic institutions use this ranking to link them to performance bonus and also with a greater chance of obtaining research-related funds.” […]

Artese F, Flores-Mir C. New guidelines for systematic reviews and farewell to interviews. Dental Press J Orthod. 2019 July-Aug;24(4):7-8. DOI:

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