Continuing Education for all of us

Admin Dental Press

Edition V23N01 | Year 2018 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 9 to 9

Flavia Artese

“It was quite a painful process to understand that self-teaching is necessary in Orthodontics. I have always enjoyed teachers, tutors or someone who could hold my hand to give me the confidence to embrace new methods, techniques or procedures. Yet, the speed of progress in the health area does not allow for regular academic learning, it barely waits for the publication of a book. The true source for our continuing education lies in scientific journals. They are the perfect place to find the new, which was peerreviewed, with the rigour and technique that the scientific method demands. And, as we ascend the levels of evidence, it reaches applicability and, better yet, predictability of results…”

Como citar: Artese F. Continuing Education for all of us. Dental Press J Orthod. 2018 Jan-Feb;23(1):9-10. DOI:

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