Dental malocclusion at the navel of the Xingu river

Admin Dental Press

Edition V19N03 | Year 2014 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 15 to 16

David Normando

“And whatever is now disclosed to the people,
Will surprise everyone not for being exotic,
but for having remained concealed
Until it was perceived as obvious.”
Caetano Veloso, song: “An indian”
The feeling of coexisting with and treating a highly prevalent disease of which origin is unknown is unsettling. It reminds us of when heavy drugs were used to treat cancer of which association with Genetics was still unknown — in fact, nothing was known about the fact that the origin of cancer was right there, in the nucleus of the cell, in the DNA. And this logically resulted in a waste of time and lives. However, when the time came for oncologists and geneticists — cloistered in their laboratories, traveling into the nucleus of the cell — to meet, science made a gold-medal jump and Oncogenetics, the new science, sat on the front chairs of Oncology conferences.

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