Writing a scientific paper: Where to start from?

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Edition V19N01 | Year 2014 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 1 to 1

David Normando

“Our end was just the beginning.” (Yuri Popoff, bassist and composer from Minas Gerais)
It is not our aim, in the next few lines, to make our reader become a contumacious scientific writer. Scientific writing requires practice and there are only a few courses that can guide us to a shortcut. However, there are some useful pieces of advice that I pass on based on the experience I have had as a reviewer, editor and, especially, as an author.
Good scientific research begins with an original idea that is put into practice by means of a robust methodology. If there is a good question, the answer will come in a more interesting way. Once you reliably find the answer, you will only need a low dose of efficient communication. I have come across excellent papers that get lost due to poor writing. However, the opposite is more common. The board of editors will be more interested in correcting minor writing mistakes.

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