Adjustments to the editorial process

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Edition V18N06 | Year 2013 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 1 to 1

David Normando

?People fear change. I fear that things never change.? (Chico Buarque)
When an article is submitted to Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics, the editor-in-chief carries out an initial analysis and decides whether that article is suitable for publication. Should that be the case, the article is sent to three or four reviewers. However, it is immediately sent back to the author if the editor-in-chief considers it unsuitable for publication. For such consideration, the following criteria are applied: low originality level, articles that replicate well-established scientific knowledge only or case reports that do not introduce any important innovations in the treatment of the malocclusion reported. We believe that speeding up this process, especially in cases of refusal, eases the feeling of disappointment caused by a negative response, particularly for young authors.

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