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Edition V16N06 | Year 2011 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 8 to 8

Jorge Faber

Over the past five years, I have served aseditor-in-chief of the Revista Dental Press deOrtodontia e Ortopedia Facial which, from2010 on, is being published in English and is,now, called Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics.I read, then, thousands of articles and wrote30 editorials. This is the 31st and the last of them. The closure of all cycles moves us, naturally,to reflect and to list important peopleand facts. Unfortunately, I could not, in thiseditorial space and with justice, mention allthe people who were so important for thisjournal and me as its editor. To represent allthis group of fabulous minds, I will commentbriefly on five people. Each one represents asection of the journal. […]

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