The orthodontic treatment will be offered free of charge in all Specialized Dental Clinics in Brazil, and it will benefit millions of Brazilians over the years

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Edition V16N01 | Year 2011 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 6 to 6

Jorge Faber

Last December I gave a class in Taiwan. On a tour around the island, I was impressed with the image that Brazil currently topples in Asia. All the comments I heard did not refer to our football, but to both, the economic growth and the position the country is in the geopolitical pitch. Hearing the opinions of the international scouts called my attention to a reality in our area: wherever we are in Brazil, we can see people being submitted to an orthodontic treatment. This fact shows the relevance people give to this type of correction, either for esthetic or functional reasons. It was the rise in consumption of Classes C and D that enabled a larger number of people to have access to Orthodontics. And the part of the population who will benefit from orthodontic treatment will further increase. From 2011 on, orthodontic treatment will be an integral part of the services offered by public centers known as CEOs—Dental Specialized Clinics, which are part of a program called Brasil Sorridente (Smiling Brazil)—the Federal Government Program for oral health. Such an advance has already been published in the Brazilian newspaper called Diário Oficial da União, and will mark a new way of access to orthodontic treatment. Evidently, this new way of access will not come true easily and spontaneously. It will require a great involvement of the Ministry of Health—as well as of the Brazilian orthodontic community, through the Brazilian Association of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (ABOR)—so that we can have protocols based on evidence that support the treatment decisions that will be made for our population. In addition, it is important mentioning that these two parties have already been working hard with this purpose, and that the partnership between government and society is essential for us to build the country we want in the future. In 2010 Dr. Gilberto Pucca, the National Coordinator of Oral Health, told me something interesting during an informal dinner in Brasília. We were talking about his periodic meetings with President Lula, the progress of the implementation of the CEOs, and the relevance that the President himself used to give to oral health when he told me: ‘Faber, every time I meet the President, he asks me: ‘Hey, Pucca, have children already been placing braces?’ In my opinion perhaps that was the dream of the former President himself as a child, and it is very gratifying to know that such a dream will come true for many of our children. Have a good reading.

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