Adversities stimulating advances

Admin Dental Press

Edition V15N01 | Year 2010 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 5 to 5

Jorge Faber

The economic crisis is over. At least that’s what we observe when analyzing different indexes, that is, industry, Bovespa activity, and unemployment. The course and submission of the crisis have instilled a feeling that we would only sporadically experience: we have really been living in a great country. And at this time it is not the country of the future, but the present one. We have found that several of our recognized weaknesses, were, in fact, our greatest force. This is what this editorial refers to: how adversities stimulate advances. We have been facing a banking system vaccinated through the years of hyperinflation and other economic problems. There has been a need for several regulations in order to control social problems caused by the uncontrolled rise of prices. It was precisely this high immunity, considered by many as a disproportional and damaging intervention of the State on economy, which had prevented us from the bank negative exposure that other countries had faced during the world economic crisis.

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