Immediate orthodontic load on dental implants: an option for adult treatment

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Edition V24N06 | Year 2019 | Editorial BBO Selected Article | Pages 69 to 79

José Augusto Mendes Miguel, Tatiana Ettore do Valle de Sousa Freitas

The demand for orthodontic treatment in adults has been increasing. However, these patients often require a multidisciplinary approach, due to the lack of posterior teeth, requiring additional anchorage. The skeletal anchorage by endosseous implants is an option, since they may be used later for prosthetic rehabilitation. The application of immediate load on these appliances for orthodontic movement may reduce the costs and total treatment time. This paper discusses the utilization of endosseous dental implants with immediate load for absolute anchorage for orthodontic movement, with later utilization for prosthetic rehabilitation.

Orthodontic anchorage. Dental implants. Immediate load.

Miguel JAM, Freitas TEVS. Immediate orthodontic loading of dental implants: an alternative in adult treatment. Dental Press J Orthod. 2019 Nov-Dec;24(6):69-79.

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