Class I malocclusion with severe double protrusion treated with first premolars extraction*

Admin Dental Press

Edition V19N03 | Year 2014 | Editorial BBO Clinical Case | Pages 127 to 138

Ricardo Moresca

Angle Class I malocclusion with bymaxillary protrusion is characterized by severe buccal tipping of incisors, which causes upper and lower lip protrusion. First premolars extraction is recommended to reduce facial convexity as a result of anterior teeth retraction, which keeps canines and first molars in key to occlusion. In order to yield orthodontic results that are compatible with ideal esthetic and cephalometric outcomes, the space closure phase needs to be carried out with overbite and incisors torque control. The majority of cases also requires maximum anchorage of posterior teeth. This case was presented to the Brazilian Board of Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics (BBO) as a requirement for the title of certified by the BBO.

Angle Class I malocclusion, Orthodontic space closure, Orthodontic anchorage procedures,

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