Angle Class II malocclusion treated with extraction of permanent teeth

Admin Dental Press

Edition V18N04 | Year 2013 | Editorial BBO Clinical Case | Pages 126 to 133

Gustavo Mattos Barreto

Angle Class II malocclusion associated with anterior open bite in adult patients demands a carefully elaborated orthodontic planning, aiming at restoring not only harmonious dental and facial esthetics, but also a balanced masticatory function. Orthognathic surgery or permanent teeth extraction are often the choice of treatment, therefore, treatment decision is related to all dental, skeletal and functional aspects. The present report discusses orthodontic compensation carried out by means of upper premolar extraction performed to correct the Class II canine relationship and, consequently, the anterior open bite, accepting that the upper incisors be retroclined. This clinical case was presented to the Brazilian Board of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (BBO) as part of the requirements for obtaining the BBO Certification.

Class II malocclusion, Anterior open bite, Orthodontic compensation,

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