Angle Class I malocclusion with congenitally missing and retention of mandibular second premolars*

Admin Dental Press

Edition V14N06 | Year 2009 | Editorial BBO Clinical Case | Pages 132 to 143

Eduardo Silveira Ferreira

This article reports the orthodontic treatment of a 14 year and 6 months old patient that had a Class I malocclusion with an ectopic position and retention of the tooth 45. This case was treated the extraction of the tooth 45 and space closure in the lower arch. Initial, final and post-treatment orthodontic records will be presented and discussed. This case was presented to the Brazilian Board of Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics (BBO), category 7, free choice, as part of the requirements of achieve the title of BBO diplomate.

Angle Class I Malocclusion, Tooth Retention, Congenitally Missing Tooth, Corrective Orthodontics,

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