How can I explore high-dimensional data?

Admin Dental Press

Edition V19N06 | Year 2014 | Editorial Evidence based Orthodontics | Pages 14 to 15

Glaucia Cristina Rodrigues Nascimento , Marcela Baraúna Magno , Giseon Heo , David Normando

< a name = "summary" id = "summary"> High-dimensional data hinder sample visualization and limit exploration of data1 . In these cases, we can make use of multivariate analysis techniques, such as Factor Analysis (FA) and/or Principal Component Analysis (PCA), to reduce a complex data set to one of lower dimensions so as to reveal any hidden features and simplify understanding.

Nascimento GCR, Magno MB, Heo G, Normando D. How can I explore high-dimensional data? Dental Press J Orthod. 2014 Nov- -Dec;19(6):14-5. DOI:

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