A method to re-treat the relapse of dental misalignment

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N05 | Year 2011 | Editorial Article | Pages 48 to 53

David Normando E Leopoldino Capelozza Filho

The clinician should expect some loss of the dental alignment obtained during orthodontic therapy in the long term in cases in which the orthodontic retainer has been removed by the orthodontist or lost by the patient. In this situation, patients are often reluctant to wear braces again to re-treat anterior misalignment. This report describes the successful use of a simple and effective technique to correct mild changes in the incisor alignment after orthodontic treatment. An innovative and low cost procedure effectively solved the relapse of anterior misalignment in 1-2 months. The force used to realign the teeth is obtained through the use of a clear elastomeric thread tied to multistranded upper and lower retainers.

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