Influence of gingival exposure on the smile esthetics*

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N05 | Year 2011 | Editorial Article | Pages 111 to 118

Milene Brum Dutra , Daltro Enéas Ritter , Adriano Borgatto , Carla D’agostine Derech E Roberto Rocha

Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the influence of gingival exposure on smile esthetics and to compare different opinions among orthodontists, clinicians and laypersons. > Methods: Photographs of smiling faces of a male and a female subject were manipulated on the computer with different gingival exposure levels, ranging from 4 mm of gingival exposure to 4 mm of upper lip incisor coverage. The photographs were printed in actual size of the face, and randomly analyzed by 30 orthodontists, 30 clinicians and 30 laypersons. The faces were rated as very poor, poor, regular, good and very good according to the smile attractiveness. Results: The most attractive female smile, judged by the orthodontists, clinicians and laypersons, was the one where the upper lip rests on the gingival margin of the upper incisor, showing the whole incisor crown (P?0.05). For the male subject, the most attractive smile according to laypersons, was the one with the upper lip resting on the gingival margin of the crown of the maxillary incisor; while orthodontists and clinicians considered both the upper lip on the gingival margin of the maxillary incisor?s crown and 2 mm upper lip incisor coverage as the most esthetics (P?0.05). Conclusion: Smile attractiveness is influenced by the gingival exposure, and different opinions are observed among orthodontists, clinicians and laypersons.

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