Evaluation of facial proportions in the vertical plane to investigate the relationship between skeletal and soft tissue dimensions

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N01 | Year 2011 | Editorial Article | Pages 99 to 106

Márcia Cristina Cunha Costa , Marcelo De Castellucci E Barbosa , Marcos Alan Vieira Bittencourt

Objective: To determine the relationship between facial heights by evaluating the soft tissues and underlying skeleton and by analyzing vertical facial proportions in the anterior region. Methods: The study used 24 lateral cephalometric x-rays and 48 photographs of the face, 24 in profile view and 24 in front view, belonging to 24 Brazilian individuals, 7 men and 17 women whose ages ranged from 19 to 38 years. Cephalometric tracings were performed and linear measurements obtained according to the analyses suggested by Schudy, Wylie and Johnson, and Thompson and Brodie. The anatomical landmarks glabella, subnasal and menton were identified on the photographs, which allowed the measurement of linear distances between these points. The data were then statistically analyzed. Results and Conclusions: A positive correlation was found between evaluations of the soft tissues and underlying skeleton based on the analyses advanced by Schudy (r=0.619, p<0.001), Wylie and Johnson (r=0.595, p<0.002) and Thompson and Brodie (r=0.630, p<0.001), although, individually, some discrepancies were identified due to variability in soft tissue thickness.

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