Assessment of condylar growth by skeletal scintigraphy in patients with posterior functional crossbite

Admin Dental Press

Edition V15N05 | Year 2010 | Editorial Article | Pages 137 to 142

Pepita Sampaio Cardoso Sekito , Myrela Cardoso Costa , Edson Boasquevisque , Jonas Capelli Junior

Objectives: This study evaluates the condylar growth activity in 10 patients with functional posterior crossbite before and after correction, using the mandibular bone skeletal scintigraphy. Methods: Patients received endovenous injection of radioactive contrast (Technesium-99m labeling, sodium methylene diphosphate). After two hours, planar scintigraphic images were taken by means of a Gamma camera. Lateral images of the closed mouth, showing the right and left condyles, were used. An image of the 4th lumbar vertebra was also used as reference. Results: Statistically significant differences were not found in the uptake rate values, on both sides when pre-treatment and post-treatment periods were analyzed separately and also when pre-treatment and post-treatment periods were analyzed in the same side. No differences were found in the condylar growth activity, in patients with functional posterior crossbite.

Functional posterior crossbite, Condilar growth, Skeletal scintigraphy,

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