Comparison of soft tissue size between different facial patterns

Admin Dental Press

Edition V15N04 | Year 2010 | Editorial Article | Pages 84 to 93

Murilo Fernando Neuppmann Feres , Silvia Fernandes Hitos , Helder Inocêncio Paulo De Sousa , Mirian Aiko Nakane Matsumoto

Objective: This study was designed to compare the soft tissue morphology of individuals according to their facial patterns. Methods: Were used cephalograms of 90 patients of both genders, aged 12 to 16 years, which were divided into three distinct groups, according to their morphological patterns, i.e., mesofacials, dolichofacials and brachyfacials. The groups were compared in terms of thickness and height of the upper and lower lips, and thickness of the soft tissue chin. Correlations between soft tissue variables and dental and skeletal cephalometric measurements were also investigated. Results and Conclusions: Thickness of upper lip, lower lip and soft tissue chin showed no differences in all morphological groups. However, upper and lower lip heights were significantly greater in dolichofacials. Brachyfacials showed smaller upper lip height compared with mesofacials, although no differences were found between those two groups in terms of lower lip height. Assessment of the correlations between soft and skeletal/dental variables evidenced vertical development of the upper and lower lips, commensurate with the vertical development of the skeleton. The vertical positioning of upper incisors significantly correlated with the same parameters related to the lips, which ensured a similar exposure level of these teeth in all groups.

Vertical pattern, Cephalometry, Lip, Chin,

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