Analysis of skeletal maturation in patients aged 13 to 20 years by means of hand wrist radiographs

Admin Dental Press

Edition V15N01 | Year 2010 | Editorial Article | Pages 74 to 79

Yasmine Bitencourt Emílio Mendes , Juliana Roderjan Bergmann , Marina Fonseca Pellissari , Sérgio Paulo Hilgenberg , Ulisses Coelho

Objectives: Evaluate an alternative and simplified radiographic method that will enable implantologists and orthodontists to keep track of bone growth completion as well as differences between genders in a sample of individuals from 13 to 20 years of age. Methods: A hand wrist radiograph was acquired with the use of occlusal radiographic film to assess the maturation of the radius bone. One hundred and sixty patients of both genders were divided into groups of 10 individuals. The radiographs were examined by five raters using applicable rating standards, all specialists in orthodontics. Results: The results showed that there was a positive correlation between the chronological age of the patients and their biological age, whereas female bone maturation occurs earlier than in males. Conclusion: This method can determine the stage of maturation of the radius bone, allowing an affordable means of diagnosis and rapid determination of bone age for correct installation of an implant and/or orthodontic appliance.

Maturity, Tooth movement, Dental implant,

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