A PowerPoint-based guide to assist in choosing the suitable statistical test*

Admin Dental Press

Edition V15N01 | Year 2010 | Editorial Article | Pages 101 to 106

David Normando , Leo Tjäderhane , Cátia Cardoso Abdo Quintão

Selecting appropriate methods for statistical analysis may be difficult, especially for the students and others in the early phases of the research career. On the other hand, PowerPoint presentation is a very common tool to researchers and dental students, so a statistical guide based on PowerPoint could narrow the gap between orthodontist and the Biostatistics. This guide provides objective and useful information about several statistical methods using examples related to the dental field. A Power-Point presentation is employed to assist the user to find answers to common questions regarding biostatistics, such as the most appropriate statistical test to compare groups, to make correlations and regressions or to look for casual and systematic errors for a specific method. Assistance to check normal distribution and to choose the most suitable graphics is also presented. This guide* could be even used by reviewers in a quick assessment to check the appropriated statistical methodology into a specific study.

Biostatistics (Public Health), Health statistics, Statistics, Statistical databases, Interactive tutorial,

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