Civil liability of dental surgeons: the importance of technical experts

Admin Dental Press

Edition V14N06 | Year 2009 | Editorial Article | Pages 65 to 71

Ricardo Henrique Alves Da Silva , Jamilly De Oliveira Musse , Rodolfo Francisco H. Melani , Rogério Nogueira Oliveira

Introduction: dental surgeons may be subject to responsibilities that encompass penal, civil, ethical and administrative obligations during the practice of their profession. As such, if results are verified to have been harmful to the patient – either by imprudence, ineptitude or negligence – the dental surgeon will be subject to the penalties set forth in the Brazilian Civil Code, which include repairing the damage and compensating the victim according to the harm caused. In civil lawsuits, the parties can hire technical experts to provide scientific and technical information on the issue at hand to their respective attorneys. Objective: to inform on the importance of technical experts in civil lawsuits, giving the parties a better understanding of the technical, ethical and legal aspects in these proceedings. Conclusion: there is need for greater knowledge on the part of dentistry professionals of the ethical and legal aspects that guide their profession.

Civil liability, Dentistry, Forensics,

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