Mini-implant assisted anterior retraction

Admin Dental Press

Edition V13N05 | Year 2008 | Editorial Article | Pages 57 to 75

Carlo Marassi , Cesar Marassi

•Introduction Evidence has established orthodontic mini-implants as important anchorage method, which has proved helpful for orthodontists throughout all orthodontic treatment stages, eliminating the need for patient compliance while achieving more predictable results. Objective: This article describes the key aspects of performing anterior retraction with miniimplant anchorage and presents an analysis of mini-implant indications, amount of anterior tooth movement, retraction force vectors, vertical control, mini-implant positioning, different types of anterior support and the amount of force to be applied. The most common mini-implant installation sites used for anterior retraction are highlighted, as well as the factors which should be controlled during space closure. Finally, some clinical considerations are presentedto shed light on the use of mini-implants during this significant orthodontic treatment stage.

Orthodontics, Orthodontic anchorage procedures, Mini-implants, Anterior retraction,

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