Use of orthodontic miniscrews in asymmetrical corrections

Admin Dental Press

Edition V13N05 | Year 2008 | Editorial Article | Pages 107 to 117

Henrique Mascarenhas Villela , Andréa Lacerda Santos Sampaio , Fábio Bezerra

•Introduction: Anchorage control is of paramount importance in ensuring orthodontic treatment success, particularly in asymmetry corrections, where it is even more critical. The conventional anchorage methods currently used to treat these types of anomalies are rather complex and can trigger undesirable movements in the reaction unit, or even be rejected by patients on account of the esthetic compromise they entail. The use of microscrews as anchorage units, as well as averting undesirable side effects, helps to streamline orthodontic mechanics while providing greater treatment result predictability, reducing treatment time and allowing the correction of missing teeth cases by affording direct anchorage. Objective: This study aims to undertake a review of today’s literature covering dental asymmetry treatment with the use of orthodontic titanium microscrews as anchorage and provide some clinical examples.

Microscrews, Mini-implants, Orthodontic anchorage procedures, Facial asymmetry,

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